Water retention steroids

I had been working hard both in the gym and my diet for approximately 12 months. Whilst I had managed to cut back down to a lean physique I was struggling to gain any real muscle mass or definition. I spent weeks reading reviews and scouring the internet for possible reasons. I concluded that at age 49 my body was simply not primed for growth and I needed to supplement. I gave T Bal 75 a shot and let me tell you within 4 weeks I gained 10 lbs of lean muscle and started to struggle to fit into my shirts. Huge gains in Bicep, Shoulder and Chest size which is predominantly what I work the most but even so after only 4 weeks!! My physique is already harder and more defined. What’s more, the niggling little pains I used to get in my forearms have also disappeared, may be nothing to do with T-bal but who knows. Brilliant product, will review again after 8 week cycle.

As a mild steroid, while most men who supplement will use it while dieting they will still need to take a fairly large amount to gain any positive effect. If you supplement with oral Primo you will need even more per week than if you choose injectable and as both are very expensive; as you can guess this cost will add up very fast. Most men who try Primobolan and who are disappointed on the basis of no results are usually found lacking simply because they didn’t take enough; for example, an average man will need approximately 500mg per week of injectable Primo to receive a benefit and he will need to do so for at least 8 weeks . Yes, you can absolutely take more and for a longer period of time but if you do be prepared to feel your wallet get a whole lot lighter.

You may have already guessed, while Primobolan can be used by men if we were to recommend it to anyone it would be the female performance enhancer first; not only because it will be tolerated so well by her but because she will not need nearly as much making it all the more affordable and feasible. Again, injectable Primo will prove to be best but to ensure safety and protection against virilization is in place most women will not want to exceed 6 weeks of use max with 4 weeks of use generally being the minimal time frame. For women who want more they can absolutely run another course but it is advised that 4 weeks of discontinued use be held to before another course begins. For the average woman most will find 100mg per week to be sufficient; you can go higher but the higher you go the greater the risk. You may need to play with the dosing a little bit but 100mg is a good place to start and 2 injections per week of 50mg each is just about perfect.

Water retention steroids

water retention steroids


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