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The restaurant redesign also includes the addition free wi-fi, USB charging ports, whole tomatoes on display, and a huge new logo glowing on the wall, lording over you. Subway calls it a “Choice Mark.” So presumably, you sit down with your laptop or phone, drink in the free internet all day long, while ordering sandwich after sandwich from an app and picking up your food by a damn kiosk where you can order more food. All the while, the Choice Mark looms over your choice-filled experience, celebrating a future free of face-to-face interactions.

i see mention of not drinking milk in general. No mention of whether you are stating pasteurized/ raw or both. But I can tell you the negative things that are said on this web page are those that line up with pasteurized milk. Raw milk cures diseases and is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Yea, its weird we drink other mammals milk, but its also weird we eat a lot of other things too – don’t get me started. The people that drink raw milk and get sick are the ones that 1. don’t give it long enough and 2. don’t understand that the negative symptoms with raw milk are typically die-off symptoms. I was lactose intolerant until I started forced raw milk down and after the first 4 days of doing that, the headaches, swelling in the throat and stomach cramps/pains went away. I have never felt strong or better in my life. Sure, you can eat/drink other things and avoid dairy/meat, but why? Raw milk is a complete food. You can (and there are people) that live off of a raw milk diet alone. I am not one to to tell anyone what they should do, but for those just writing off dairy, I really do think thats a bad idea. But its your life, do what you please.

Ugly cow on steroids

ugly cow on steroids


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