Turbolinks cdn

I have an issue with a script only working when refreshing the page and so I'm trying to disable Turbolinks for only that page. The code below doesn't work. However, if I add the "data-no-turbolink" attribute directly to the body tag in it works. How do I disable Turbolinks in my view? I have followed the solution posted here, Rails 4: disable Turbolinks in a specific page but I can't get it to work.

I have the gem 'jquery-turbolinks' installed.

<% content_for :body do %>
<% if _name == 'pages' && _name == 'policy' %>
<body data-no-turbolink="true">
<% end %>
<% end %>

<div class="row">
<div class="small-12 medium-8 large-7 columns end">
<a href="///" class="nostyle" title="Policy">Policy</a>
<script>(function (w,d) {var loader = function () {var s = ("script"), tag = ("script")[0]; = "///"; (s,tag);}; if(){("load", loader, false);}else if(){("onload", loader);}else{ = loader;}})(window, document);

Turbolinks cdn

turbolinks cdn


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