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Well, ATF answered our question with a new report on thefts and losses from FFLs in the United States, and the answer is: hell, yes , thefts are up. In the last five years, the number of actual crimes is up 48% for burglaries and 175% (!) for robberies. Robberies are still much rarer than burglaries, because most criminals are not brazen and stupid enough to rob a place where armed people may expect them, but there were still 33 FFL robberies last year. And more guns are being taken in these thefts, too. Here’s a graphic depiction ( source ):

Now that I’ve moved my business out of my home after 18 long years and into my new studio , I’m home a lot less. That means less cooking and baking in general. But I wanted to make time to tell you about this John Wayne Casserole because it really is good. I encourage you to give it a try. It’s been floating around the Internet for a while and can be found on several blogs. In fact, that’s a good sign when it comes to a recipe. It means that it’s been tested and tried by not only all those bloggers, but probably hundreds of their readers. So it must be a keeper!

Tater tots on steroids

tater tots on steroids


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