Steroids for fibromyalgia pain

Just came across this site for the first time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at Mayo Clinic in late April. I have been struggling with constant dizziness since the end of March–before I started on any meds for the fibro–so I don’t think it is caused by that. It doesn’t sound like it is vertigo. It is constant except for two weeks ago it was mainly gone for four days but then came raging back even worse. (I did start Amtritiptilyne during that time to help with sleep problems so maybe that could be what is making it worse. It is usually accompanied by burning/itching “tired” eyes. Any advice?

Limitations of the testing procedure allow patients a high probability of receiving a false-negative test for the Borrelia infection. And since the majority of tests measure antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi – not the organism itself — patients will sometimes test positive even if the organisms are no longer present in the body. The difficulty in diagnosing Lyme disease is made even more challenging when one considers the possible coinfections that are present. Additionally, after the various other chemical and heavy metal toxins often present in the body are accounted for, it could be responsible for hundreds of potential symptoms and complications for the patient.

It is extremely important to be observed by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) to ensure the correct combinations of tests are run that match the symptoms and history of the patient. It is critical to rule out all other infections including: viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic as they many times coexist within the same patients.

Comprehensive treatment plans are put into place in order to remove harmful toxics and eliminate the infections. To learn more about our approach to chronic disease and how we can help you with proper diagnosis and treatment, please contact us today.

Bentonite clay!!! Aztec Indian Healing Clay! Bathe in it for 1-2 hours, facial/hand masks for 30mins, drink two cups of it daily. It is helping me so much with my tsw journey I can not stress how powerful this thing is in helping my body detox from the many years of corticosteroid usage! Please help me spread this message to all TSW sufferers, we should not have to go through the hell that this sickness inflicts on us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Dead sea salt baths mixed with a cup of bentonite clay is double the effective!! Spread the word and do more research if you do not believe me!

Steroids for fibromyalgia pain

steroids for fibromyalgia pain


steroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia pain