Reactive leukocytosis steroids

Excessive numbers of white blood cells are most often due to the response of normal bone marrow to infection or inflammation. In some instances, leukocytosis is a sign of more serious primary bone marrow disease (leukemias or myeloproliferative disorders). Attention to clinical factors associated with marrow disorders, such as extremely elevated white blood cell counts, abnormalities in red blood cell or platelet counts, weight loss, bleeding and organ enlargement, can help the family physician decide which patients require further investigation and consultation.

Approach to lymphocytosis: ALC>4000/uL
It's either reactive or clonal:
Reactive includes:
1) Infections:
- viral: HIV (in acute infection), EBV (mono), CMV, HHV6, HTLV-1
- bac: bordatella pertussis, bartonella (cat scratch disease)
- toxo, babesiosis (also causes hemolytic anemia)
2) Hypersensitivity reactions
- drugs, acute serum sickness
3) stress-induced (status epilepticus, trauma)
4) post splenectomy
5) polyclonal B cell lymphocytosis

Clonal :
1) ALL
2) CLL
3) LGL leukemia
4) thymoma

Reactive leukocytosis steroids

reactive leukocytosis steroids


reactive leukocytosis steroidsreactive leukocytosis steroidsreactive leukocytosis steroidsreactive leukocytosis steroidsreactive leukocytosis steroids