Non liver toxic oral steroids

Herbal remedies and dietary supplements are another important cause of hepatitis; these are the most common causes of drug-induced hepatitis in Korea. [34] The United-States-based Drug Induced Liver Injury Network linked more than 16% of cases of hepatotoxicity to herbal and dietary supplements. [35] In the United States, herbal and dietary supplements – unlike pharmaceutical drugs – are unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration . [35] However, the National Institutes of Health maintains the LiverTox database for consumers to track all known prescription and non-prescription compounds associated with liver injury. [ citation needed ]

As you can see from the references above, even the most toxic prescription oral steroid, Anadrol, has been deemed safe for use when dosed responsibly and when combined with proper monitoring. The above studies ranged from 16-30 weeks in length using doses of 100-150 mg per day, yet only the minority experienced an elevation in liver enzymes which was concerning to the medical researchers. If Anadrol can safely be used for extended periods of time under appropriate circumstances, then it seem reasonable to ascertain that less toxic steroids, such as Dianabol, can still be used for traditionally accepted 8-12 week cycles.

Non liver toxic oral steroids

non liver toxic oral steroids


non liver toxic oral steroidsnon liver toxic oral steroidsnon liver toxic oral steroidsnon liver toxic oral steroidsnon liver toxic oral steroids