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We just lost our Storm of 13 years. Last Saturday was darkness for me n my family. I feel like I let him down n maybe he would have felt better the next day. But, his eyes told me different. Altho, he tried not to look at my tears. At the end we held him tight in our arms until our baby fell asleep. I cry every day I hear him bark I thought I saw him. But I think it’s my grief. Today my husband brought him home. I can’t bear to look at the box bc I want him back. Storm I hope you can run n breath now and all your pain is gone. I’ll always remember sitting with u late at night I see your face so clear. U were a pillow for the grandkids just a big beautiful yellow Lab. I will always love n miss U

Chronic pain minimise your freedom in your everyday living, your ability in coping with chronic pain can be heart breaking towards all family members . It’s a emotional roller coaster ride. Mental health issues deepens.
We all love to get the best out of life ,very limited for a chronic pain sufferers. The medical health system struggles to keep up. Providing proper care can be Devastating. The waiting list for medical referral to see a specialist is too long, some clients are waiting over 12 months.
In the mean time the clients condition, can worsen. Like my husband, waiting to get surgery, has become very difficulted. Depression , and behavioral changes have accured and for me as his carer, it has been miserable for me , knowing i can’t help him to make things better. Watching My husband cry, is emotionally heart breaking for me. My husband in the last 25 years, has had five back operations, 4 as which were successful, the fifth operation was no good, specialist implanted a spinal cord stimulate. 2 years ago he suffered a shoulder injury. Was checked by his scans and xrays were done and reviewed the comments report stated he had a small bursa tear in his right shoulder. Now 2 years later we are still waiting for surgery. 2 referral s from the doctor have been past through. His condition has detected mental health problems, depression and behavioral problems, this has become dangerous and uncomfortable for my husband he has lost a lot of body movement’s and balance hard for me to cope

New steroid laws qld

new steroid laws qld


new steroid laws qldnew steroid laws qld