Ok first let me say that its true the customer service sucks! Anyone who has waited for a response from Steve wants to strangle that Great Day saying bastard,but the products are all legit,good prices and large actualy had a large order stopped by i was beat because on their site it says if Customs grabs the stuff Your Screwed! Anyway he reshipped the whole order again and i got it and sent extra stuff to make up for the 5 month 6 deliveries and if you don't count the one order stopped by Customs the average wait is 5 to 7 weeks!
Great Day

Halotestex Tablets are not grandly popular among performance enhancing athletes due to the simple reason that it only brings a few beneficial traits for most individuals which is not worth taking a risk for a compound like halotestin whose risks far outweigh the rewards. There are many more other steroids with almost similar and more benefits having less side-effects. However, it can be used by the competitive athlete or bodybuilder for enhancing aggression and push that is sometimes required to complete a brutal contest diet. Having said that, still one needs to use halotestin with utmost caution and not forget its long-term effects.




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