Mumps treatment with steroids

A very small population should not receive the MMR vaccine. These include individuals with a compromised immune system ( HIV/AIDS , cancer , those receiving more than two continuous weeks of oral steroids) or who are allergic to any component of the vaccine, including gelatin or neomycin . MMR vaccines are very unlikely to produce a severe reaction to those who are egg white allergic. Daily use of inhaled steroids (such as those used to control certain pulmonary diseases such as asthma , COPD , etc.) is not a contraindication to the MMR vaccine. Patients with a mild illness (for example, the common cold ) may safely receive the MMR vaccine. Conception should be avoided until at least 28 days following vaccination.

Another mumps outbreak was reported in September 2011 on a university campus in California. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) confirmed using PCR, 3 cases of mumps in college students who were recently evaluated at the university's student health services with symptoms suggestive of mumps. An investigation by CDPH, student health services, and the local health department identified a total of 29 mumps cases. The index patient was an unvaccinated student with history of recent travel to Western Europe, where mumps infection was circulating. Additional knowledge in regard to the date of onset of this index case, clarified that two generations of transmission had occurred before public health authorities were properly alerted. This mumps outbreak illustrates the value of requiring MMR vaccination (including documentation of immunization or other evidence of immunity) prior to college enrollment, the need for heightened clinical awareness, and timely reporting of suspected mumps cases to public health personnel. [ 26 ]

Mumps treatment with steroids

mumps treatment with steroids


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