Kortikosteroid sistemik

There have been earlier reports describing subcutaneous atrophy at the injection site ( 20–22 ). However, the study of Laursen ( 9 ) is the first to correlate reported side-effects to sales figures. A report of local side-effects in only one out of more than 11 000 injections indicates that the therapeutic index, with regard to local side-effects, is high and is acceptable even for the treatment of a benign disease such as SAR. However, it must be realized that there is a general, and probably considerable, underreporting of side-effects to the health authorities. Nevertheless, this method may be considered a useful way to get an impression of the frequency of side-effects. The fact that women were overrepresented in reporting this side-effect may reflect a higher level of cosmetic concerns in women than in men. Furthermore, women could be more prone to erroneous subcutaneous injections due to their thicker subcutaneous layer.

Kortikosteroid sistemik

kortikosteroid sistemik


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