Is decaplexx 850 a steroid

Icon Supplements is proud to offer Genetech Pharma Labs newest prohormone supplement DecaPlexx 850 . DecaPlexx 850 is a insane combination of Methyl Sten M, 1, 4, ADD and the DECA compound (18-methylestr-4-en-3-one-17b-ol). Not too many people know about this DECA compound as no prohormone company has ever been able to get a hold of it until now!!
Patrick Arnold, considered the father of prohormones had this to say about the DECA compound “that’s the same as 13[beta]-ethyl-17[beta]-hydroxygon-4-en-3-one which is a controlled substance in many states it should be a controlled substance nationally but since the people that wrote the 2004 anabolic steroid control act screwed up royally they put alpha where they should have put beta. So they ended up banning a useless steroid instead of the one they meant to”. Get this product now at Icon Supplements before it’s pulled for being too strong!!

Decaplexx 850 is one of those products that causes quite a bit of mixed feelings when talking about. On the one hand it features a fantastic label with three separate powerful prohormones, which all tend to add great size and strength even when taken alone. On the other hand such a stacked product is prone to causing side effects which most people will want to avoid. If you are one of those hardcore guys who don’t care much about moderate side effects, you will do well to take this product and just use it with care. Decaplexx 850 is certainly a product that will give you the results you want though, so in that aspect we would certainly recommend it.

Is decaplexx 850 a steroid

is decaplexx 850 a steroid


is decaplexx 850 a steroidis decaplexx 850 a steroid