If oral thrush doesn't go away

Is it contagious?

In general terms, oral thrush is not contagious – you do not infect people around you like you would in case of cold or flu. However, under certain circumstances, you can pass it on to others. You could, for example, get oral thrush from kissing if your immune status is less than optimal. In situations where an infant has oral yeast infection, it can be passed on to mother’s breast. It can be passed between sexual partners if their immune system is not functioning optimally or is suppressed due to medication, metabolic disease or other reasons.

Be happy you haven't gotten it. UGH, it is HORRIBLE. I too tried nystatin and it didn't work (and from what I read all over the internet, it doesn't work much of the time for anyone). I found gentian violet and used that instead, and after a few short days (not weeks, or a month like w/ nystatin!!!) it was gone. It looks kinda funny, but it works. Trust me. It is a bit hard to find, so try the smaller pharmacies. The larger ones might be able to order it for you -- its over the counter, and the bottle I got was like $. Can't go wrong with that :)

This type of infection spares no one; however, common victims are infants and elderly people who have weak immune system and especially people with dentures. For example, a mother encountering with  vaginal yeast infection  can transmit the fungus to her infant, making the baby accessible to oral thrush development. Infants contracting oral candidiasis can exhibit the signs of fussiness and irritability, causing them to get trouble in feeding. As a woman’s breast is diagnosed with candida, the presence of read itchy sensitive nipples , a dry areola, or abnormal pain between the breast and nipples becomes relatively high.

If oral thrush doesn't go away

if oral thrush doesn't go away


if oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go away