Hypertrophic scar steroid injection

Keloids can develop following the minor injuries that occur with body piercing. Since this form of physical adornment has become popular, the presence of keloidal scarring is much more prevalent. Since doctors do not understand the precise reasons why some people are more prone to developing keloids, it is impossible to predict whether piercing will lead to keloid formation. Although there are some families that seem prone to forming keloids, for the most part, it's impossible to tell who will develop a keloid. One person might, for instance, develop a keloid in one earlobe after piercing and not in the other. It makes sense, however, for someone who has formed one keloid to avoid any elective surgery or piercing of any body part.

True incidence and prevalence of keloid in United States is not known. Indeed, there has never been a population study to assess the epidemiology of this disorder. In his 2001 publication, Marneros [14] stated that “reported incidence of keloids in the general population ranges from a high of 16% among the adults in Zaire to a low of % in England,” quoting from Bloom’s 1956 publication on heredity of keloids. [15] We do however know, from clinical observations that the disorder is more common among Africans, African Americans and Asians with unreliable and very wide estimated prevalence rates ranging from -16%. [16] [17] Thorough and scientific population and epidemiology studies of this disorder are desperately needed.

Laser Therapy: Laser therapy helps to effectively remove all kinds of scars, including hypertrophic acne scars . It works by vaporizing the scar tissues one level at a time.
The treatment starts by working on the top layers of the skin and then exposes the lower skin layers. A couple of sessions may be needed in order to achieve the desired appearance. The duration of the laser treatment depends entirely on the severity of the hypertrophic scar. With advances in technology, innovative ways of treatment have been introduced on the market to treat and remove scars. However, for the best and most effective results, you need to consult an expert to find out what they recommend for your scars.

Hypertrophic scar steroid injection

hypertrophic scar steroid injection


hypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injection