Gepetto elite v2 on steroids

I will definitely support the subox, the istick, or similar as great mods as long as you just want VW. I'm loving temp control on this SX Mini M (and did on my dozen or so DNA40 mods before it) and am not going back! I've yet to see a good TC chip outside of Evolv and Yihi's latest offerings, or the Dicodes chip (which isn't available separately) and the soon-to-come Golden Greek chip (which will only be available as an upgrade to Golden Greek mechs at first, and will probably be the best TC mod out there if Imeo can deliver on even half his promises).

Unless you aren’t tight with one the admins, then you better not advertize your shop, juice or products! Admin who also owns a vape shop and can advertize the things his shop sells to his hearts content a conflict of interest? Nah, no way! But fuck you if you advertize for your shop which isn’t “Pantheon Vape Lab”. Also, fuck you if you make a juice line which isn’t made by one of the elite team of super friends, your mixture of VG/PG and Flavoring is complete garbage next to Steam Factory / D-Squared juice and don’t you ever forget it!

Gepetto elite v2 on steroids

gepetto elite v2 on steroids


gepetto elite v2 on steroidsgepetto elite v2 on steroidsgepetto elite v2 on steroidsgepetto elite v2 on steroidsgepetto elite v2 on steroids