East german volkspolizei

Overall, these double action pistols were revolutionary and featured a number of very modern concepts.  Their ease of production and high reliability in extreme environments allowed a widespread German Army to arm soldiers in frozen Russia and sandy Africa with the same gun.  Concepts first proven in the P38 continue in modern defensive handguns and even won over the . military with the single/double action Beretta M9.  They’re not uncommon at all in the current collector’s market but still claim a decent price due to their desirability.  If given the opportunity we highly recommend trying one out at your first convenience.

£ 3316163 BMW 328i  Touring  - POLIZEI  £ . BACK TO TOP OF PAGE SOLIDO  VEREM                      ALL AT SALE PRICE !! . TONERGAM I SERIES   FIRE VEHICLES . . S2132 MERCEDES VAN with ladders - FEUERWEHR - German Fire Brigade £ S2162 BERLIET 4 x 4 Porte Tuyaux ( Hose Carrier ) £ S2165 DODGE WC 4 x 4  Command Car -    1/43 £ . TONERGAM II SERIES    FIRE VEHICLES . . S3138 PEUGEOT EXPERT  & Zodiac Boat on Trailer 1/43 £ . POMPIERS SERIES 1:43 SCALE        FIRE VEHICLES . . S4811 LAND ROVER LWB Station Wagon   'LA CHAUX DE FONDS £ S4817 VW BEETLE SALOON 1950   -   VIENNA FIRE BRIGADE £ START SCALE MODELS   1:43       RUSSIAN FIRE  TRUCKS    SSM1102 ZIL 131 KUNG - EMERGENCY SERVICE       £ SSM1118 ZIL 131 AGVT-100 - JAROSLAWL .          £ SSM1013 ZIL 157 WATER TANKER - FIRE BRIGADE      £ CORGI  VANGUARD S   1:43  M ore on Vanguard  page    Certain models depicted are hand finished prototypes. The final quality of factory models will be superior.

East german volkspolizei

east german volkspolizei


east german volkspolizeieast german volkspolizeieast german volkspolizeieast german volkspolizeieast german volkspolizei