East german tanks

The Germans used a lot of captured equipment. The LT Skoda was originally a Czech tank, but the Germans started using it after they invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938. They were used by the German 7th and 8th Armoured Divisions. When Germany invaded France in 1940, the German Army made use of three French – made tanks: the Char B1bis, Somua S-35 and Renault R-35. The Netherlands armed forces gave them the DAF M38 armoured car, which was deployed n the Eastern Front. From the Russians, the Germans took the T-34 tank. From the fighting with the English and Americans in North Africa they often captured vehicles and weapons on account of their own shortage of supplies. In Europe too, the Germans used captured American equipment. The 150th Armoured Brigade, commanded by Otto Skorzeny, used many at the Battle of the Bulge.

The Nashorn (also called Hornisse) , was an adaptation of the Panzer IV chassis with said gun. The later stages of the war gave birth to more advanced vehicles, like the Jagdpanther , Elefant , and Jagdtiger. The latter, only produced in small numbers, was equipped with the most awesome piece of anti-tank artillery ever carried during the war, a 128 mm (5 in) gun. The tank itself, weighing nearly 72 tons, had a high consumption, suffered a lot of breakdowns, and was tactically difficult to move, as it was forbidden from crossing many bridges.

East german tanks

east german tanks


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