East german knives

Original East German AK-74 type III bayonet and synthetic scabbard, *Very Good* condition.
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The tools and utensils of the modern kitchen are the most advanced and wonderful they have ever been in history. We are all lucky to be living in our modern world, and the chefs of the past would be astounded at what we have available in even the most modest modern kitchen environment. Though there have been a few new inventions in the culinary world, the major change in the world of the chef in historic times has been refinement . Meat and produce have been refined and cultured, cookware has been improved, and appliances have brought the chef out of the smoky fires of antiquity into the clean and efficient creation space of the modern kitchen. The cooking experience itself has been meticulously and accurately refined as art across many mediums and cultures.

East german knives

east german knives


east german kniveseast german kniveseast german kniveseast german kniveseast german knives