East german james bond

There are people taking photos of friends in front of it, people snapping shots of the beach, people photographing people taking photos of people and people asking people to take photos of them with the island in the background. To the side there are vendors selling shells, postcards, sharks’ teeth necklaces, more shells and everything you feel like buying on holiday but can’t use at home. To add to the carnival-like atmosphere, the air is pungent with aroma of grilled squid. In short, it’s a long way from the cathedral-like serenity of the hongs.

Walthers are great. Enough said, but they do have their...problems you could say. As far as all German products made, if you don't like something, deal with it. Germany spends years developing a product before puting it into circulation so how it comes from the factory is "perfection" to the Germans and they don't want you messing with it. But for instance, my P99 QA has no safety besides your finger. There is the decocker button but your choices are either having to slightly rack the slide before firing which isn't ideal in situations which require quick reactions, or keeping the gun on "red" all the time and possibly blowing part of your leg off. The PPK obviously has a safety but it's heavy and has an odd slide release mechanism. Reflecting, Walthers are as weird as Glocks.

East german james bond

east german james bond


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