East german bakelite

Similar to fiberglass , Duroplast has limited possibilities for efficient disposal. As discarded Trabants began to fill junkyards, disposing of the bodies inspired creative solutions. One of these was developed by a Berlin biotechnology company, who experimented with a bacterium that would consume the body in 20 days. [2] [3] Urban legends, depicted in the movie Black Cat White Cat and described in a song by the Serbian band Atheist Rap , described recycling Duroplast by feeding the cars to pigs, sheep and other farm animals. In the late 1990s, the same Zwickau plant that manufactured the Trabant developed a solution for Duroplast disposal. After removing the glass, engine, and steel frame, the Duroplast shell is shredded and used as an aggregate in cement blocks for pavement construction. This was featured in an episode of the program Scientific American Frontiers on the American PBS TV channel. [1]

Overall, these double action pistols were revolutionary and featured a number of very modern concepts.  Their ease of production and high reliability in extreme environments allowed a widespread German Army to arm soldiers in frozen Russia and sandy Africa with the same gun.  Concepts first proven in the P38 continue in modern defensive handguns and even won over the . military with the single/double action Beretta M9.  They’re not uncommon at all in the current collector’s market but still claim a decent price due to their desirability.  If given the opportunity we highly recommend trying one out at your first convenience.

East german bakelite

east german bakelite


east german bakeliteeast german bakeliteeast german bakeliteeast german bakeliteeast german bakelite