East german ak stock

Chest Rig for the Type 63 Rifle
These are original Mag and Ammo Chest bandoleers for the Type 63 PLA Chinese troops. Bandoleer has 6 mag pockets and 4 grenade pockets. Mag pockets were designed for the AK 20 Round mags, these hold other mags as well as ammo on stripper clips. We have tired FAL and M14 (as well as similar mags) mags. Metal belt buckle has the PLA star for all to see. Chest bandoler has shoulder rigs as well as adjustible girth. A great addition to any Communist Chinese collection. These can be used with AK or SKS ammo on stripper clips for ease of carry in field use. Another David's Collectibles hard to find collectible.

Thanks. I should have noted one thing which I'll mention to you now since you're building your own. If you weren't already aware, the MPi-KM doesn't accept standard surplus AK slings. The slings are skinnier and as a result the sling swivel on the buttstock is too. You'll have to order one specifically made for the MPi-KM. Something to keep in mind if you'll be throwing a sling on your rifle. Found this out the hard way just recently when I tried to attach an old sling I had lying around and couldn't figure out how I had done it before on my Maadi.

East german ak stock

east german ak stock


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