Did steroids stunt your growth

No doubt, many kids with persistent asthma will have their lives, education, and sports performance improved by daily inhaled corticosteroids, and these decisions should be always made with a wise and well-read doctor. But with the CAMP trial , the Lancet study, and the BASALT trial suggesting as-needed inhaled steroids may be equivalent to daily use in adults  with mild-to-moderate asthma, pediatricians might think twice about continuing a kid with mild asthma -- and a half-decent fastball -- for years on a growth-stunting daily inhaled corticosteroid.

Stunted growth is a condition that primarily affects people who suffer from malnutrition during childhood. People whose growth is stunted typically have short heights and low body masses for their age group. More dangerous, however, is the fact that people whose growth has been stunted suffer from under-developed organs, and, as a result, are vulnerable to premature death. The effects of stunting are permanent - once a person's growth is stunted, they will likely never make up the "gap" separating them from a non-stunted person. Unfortunately, in an effort to gain a desired body type, some people actually attempt to stunt their growth on purpose. To be clear, growth stunting is very dangerous and should never be done intentionally, unless one is growing excessively.

Did steroids stunt your growth

did steroids stunt your growth


did steroids stunt your growthdid steroids stunt your growthdid steroids stunt your growthdid steroids stunt your growthdid steroids stunt your growth