Coccyx pain after steroid injection

Ketamine infusion therapy, while rarely performed, can be very effective in treating neuropathic pain which is resistant to other treatments.  It is most commonly used for pain from RSD or CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome).  It is also used in fibromyalgia, phantom limb pain, and postherpetic neuralgia.  In part, Ketamine infusion works on receptors in the central nervous system to reduce sensitivity to pain.  Francis Corrigan, . has the experience to confidently provide this advanced pain management technique for the rare patient who does not respond to other treatments. Dr. Corrigan is currently the only Pain Management doctor providing this treatment in the Raleigh, Durham and Cary marketplace. He has successfully treated patients in Pinehurst for several years with this advanced treatment option.

Discography, an invasive procedure, is performed using fluoroscopy (similar to x-ray, except in real time). To help you relax during the procedure, mild sedation may be administered. However, we cannot completely sedate, or put you to sleep, as you need to be alert enough to report what you feel to our team during the injection. An antibiotic may also be given intravenously before and after. You may be positioned, with pillows for support and comfort, on your side, or in another position. The injection sites are cleansed using an antiseptic and an anesthetic numbs the skin.

Coccyx pain after steroid injection

coccyx pain after steroid injection


coccyx pain after steroid injectioncoccyx pain after steroid injectioncoccyx pain after steroid injectioncoccyx pain after steroid injectioncoccyx pain after steroid injection