Anabolic diet macros

Glutamine is an amino acid that is found in your muscles. Research has shown that after an intense workout, the glutamine levels in your body can drop by as much as 50%. Glutamine is also essential to keep your immune system functioning properly. As we all know, a poor immune system can leave you feeling weak and sick. According to a study by Trinity and All Saints University College, a routine supplementation of glutamine post-workout can help lessen the change of injury, improve immune function and help you recover faster after over training. 2 grams of L-glutamine daily is all that you need.

Feigenbaum : Yeah. Just briefly on the protein kidney thing, that’s super interesting to me. I’m actually writing a piece for the Starting Strength website called, “The Problem with Protein and Kidneys,” so it’s not a very sexy title but it’s pretty thorough. There’s actually not evidence to suggest that people eating a higher protein diet have negative changes in their kidney function. There tend to be adaptive changes in how the kidneys filtering and processing basically the blood, that’s effectively what the kidney’s doing, they just keep filtering the blood all throughout the day. It just tends to be an adaptive change. Once you have more protein it just does it a little differently and adapts accordingly. Your body is able to adapt to different things. That’s going to be an interesting article.

Anabolic diet macros

anabolic diet macros


anabolic diet macrosanabolic diet macrosanabolic diet macrosanabolic diet macrosanabolic diet macros